Operational rating

Operational rating

The U-CERT Building Operational Rating solution will enable an evidence based decision-making process by using calculated and measured data in EPB-calculations. Smart Readiness Indicators (SRI) of buildings will be important performance measures for use in the Building operational Rating.
The U-CERT Building Operational Rating solution will be developed as a cloud-based service accessible through any web browser with an user account. Furthermore it shall be easily accessible as needed by national authorities (e.g. compliance check and verification, evidence-based policy making), financial institutions (e.g. loan surveillance, additional channel to new clients), researchers interested in building stock characteristics and other stakeholders.

In the end the U-CERT Building Operational Rating solution shall feed and enrich the national EPC database and (future) Building Renovation Roadmap/Passport.

Continuously calculating building operational performance based on measured data will allow continuously improving building performance and quantifying the effects of individual steps of a Building Renovation Roadmap/Passport. The UCERT Building Operational Rating solution would also create a valuable feedback loop for improving the quality of services offered by building designers and contractors.
Moreover, building professionals could develop new services, benefit of closer and periodical contact with their clients and prepare for the future market shift from products to services.

Lastly, financial institutions might be interested using the U-CERT Building Operational Rating solution interface as a mandatory condition when offering loans.


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