Explore synergies

Explore synergies

Explore synergies with U-CERT activities

Do your activities relate to the overall Energy Performance of Buildings Directive? Or specifically to building performance assessment and management, the Energy Performance Certification schemes, the set of Energy Performance of Buildings standards, financing building performance improvements? Or you are an end-user of Energy Performance Certificates?

Then definitely get in contact with U-CERT team for discussing about possible synergies with U-CERT activities worth exploring together with the overarching goal of facilitating the transition to a sustainable European built environment.

  • Contribute to the development of U-CERT methodology.
  • Contribute to the development of U-CERT digital tools and their testing on case studies.
  • Participate in U-CERT workshops (national and EU levels).
  • Participate in U-CERT roadshow (national level).
  • Participate in U-CERT trade fair seminars (national and EU levels).
  • Participate in U-CERT trainings (national and EU levels).
  • Assess strategic partnerships.


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