EPCs status quo

EPCs status quo

D2.1 Report on implementation of EPC schemes in U-CERT partner countries 1.2 MB

This document is focused on outlining the current implementation of EPB Assessments and Certification Schemes in the U-CERT partner countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden) in a comparative manner. The U-CERT project has analysed 11 countries EPC reports, leveraging previous work related to EPC implementation practices across Europe. In addition, the project has produced a structured questionnaire on the use of CEN/ISO set of EPB standards in the national EPB calculation methodologies addressed to national and regional EPBD implementing bodies and expert stakeholders.
Therefore, the aim of this document is to contribute to the existing body of knowledge regarding EPC implementation in the Member States, with a view to identify breeding ground for common practices as a start to come to a better convergence in Europe. The document is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 outlines the information included in the EPC reports of the 17 case studies considered in the project, while also provides an analysis of their similarities and discrepancies using the 2018 EPBD and EPB Standards as benchmark.
  • Section 2 provides an overview of how aligned the implementation approaches for EPB Certification Schemes in Europe are with the CEN/ISO set of EPB standards and the status of the related national annexes (November 2020).
  • Section 3 includes a brief update on the current situation with regards to building performance assessment and certification in the U-CERT countries at project end (February 2023).


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