U-CERT & X-tendo final conference: enhanced and future-proof EPCs

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2022 can be easily perceived as the game changer year, to date, for the buildings sector. The EU policy framework has been deeply (re)shaped recently by global and regional happenings, such as climate change disruptions, pandemic, war in Uckraine. In this framework, buildings are among the priority issues to address, especially considering the Green Deal, Renovation Wave, EU Taxonomy, REPowerEU: all these policy instruments have a long-term vision to reach a digitally transformed and smart European building stock by 2050, implying healthy, safe, efficient, flexible and sustainable (zero emission) buildings for the people and businesses alike.

This event, powered by BPIE & REHVA, will be in English and will be held physically in Brussels (L42 Business Center) and livestreamed via the BuildUp Portal

There has been a buzz at Member State level around Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), and the underlying Energy Performance Assessment and Certification processes for roughly 10 years, but they have now received a pivotal role in the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) proposal submitted in December 2021 and implementation cornerstone for buildings to drastically and timely improve the performance of the European built environment. It is thus now time to act and implement to actually reach enhanced and future-proof energy performance certificates.   

Funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, X-tendo and U-CERT are closing three years of commitments and achievements in the field of next generation building performance assessment and certification. Part of the Next Gen EPCs cluster, with other 9 projects (D^2EPCE-DYCEePANACEAEPC-RECASTcrossCertEUBSuperHubiBRoad2EPCTIMEPAC), and together with QualDeEPC, they were the first to start in 2019 on this topic.  

The two teams, their guest speakers and colleagues from the Next Gen EPCs cluster, are coming together on 6 July for what will be THE 2022 event on Energy Performance Certificates. The programme will tell the story of these H2020 research and innovation projects, highlighting main results and preparing the ground for the exploitation of the outputs, both at EU and national levels. While X-tendo has by design a modular structure covering 10 features (smart readiness indicator, comfort, outdoor air pollution, real energy consumption, district heating, EPC databases, building logbook, tailored recommendations, financing options, one stop shops), U-CERT project has a specific recipe still allowing flexibility (convergence of calculation methodologies with the EPB standards, user-centred approach with a nudging effect, indoor environmental quality, smart readiness indicator, measured building performance and operational rating).

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Session 1: Current status of EPCs and overview of the projects' results 

10:30 Welcome coffee 

11:00 Welcome and introduction from the moderator

  • Sonja van Renssen, Editor-in-Chief, Energy Monitor

11:05 Welcome and introduction on X-tendo and U-CERT by the project coordinators

  • Iná Maia, PhD Candidate, TU Wien
  • Peter op 't Veld, Senior Consultant, Huygen

11:25 Energy performance certificates in the current EU policy framework 

  • Pau Garcia Audi, Policy Officer, DG ENER, European Commission

11:35 Energy performance certificates in the current EU policy framework  

  • Heike Leberle, Advisor on Energy Policy, Greens/EFA Group, European Parliament

11:45 Energy performance certificates in EU projects: overview, new projects starting and LIFE CET calls in 2022 

  • Ulrike Nuscheler, Senior Project Adviser, CINEA, European Commission

11:55 Panel discussion "Enhancing EPC schemes on both EU and national levels" (including 5 min Q&A from the audience) 

  • Rui Fragoso, Head of Projects Department, ADENE
  • Pau Garcia Audi, Policy Officer, DG ENER, European Commission
  • Jaap Hogeling, EPB Expert and Initiator, EPB Center
  • Adrian Joyce, Secretary General, EuroACE
  • Heike Leberle, Advisor on Energy Policy, Greens/EFA Group, European Parliament
  • Ulrike Nuscheler, Senior Project Adviser, CINEA, European Commission

12:55 Lunch 

Session 2: Next-generation Energy Performance Certificates: how to get there? 

13:55 Poster sessions 

  • Comfort and Indoor Environmental Quality, including impact of outdoor
    • Sheikh Zuhaib, Project Manager, BPIE - X-tendo
    • Andrei Vladimir Litiu, Building Performance Adviser, REHVA - U-CERT
  • Real energy consumption: asset rating, measured performance and operational rating
    • Jan Verheyen, Senior Researcher, VITO - X-tendo
    • Marleen Spiekman, Senior Researcher, TNO - U-CERT
  • Data handling
    • Iná Maia, PhD Candidate, TU Wien - X-tendo
  • Convergent evolution of assessment methods
    • Jaap Hogeling, EPB Expert and Initiator, EPB Center- U-CERT

14:55 Introduction to the sister projects of the Next Gen EPCs cluster 

  • Andrei Vladimir Litiu, Building Performance Adviser, REHVA

15:00 Panel discussion with representatives of Next Gen EPCs clusteropportunities, necessities and restrictions for extending EPC indicators 

  • Stefan Thomas, Director, Wuppertal Institute - 5 min opening pitch QualDeEPC
  • Sheikh Zuhaib, Project Manager, BPIE - 5 min opening pitch X-tendo
  • Andrei Vladimir Litiu, Building Performance Adviser, REHVA - 5 min opening pitch U-CERT
  • Q&A/discussion with the Next Gen EPCs cluster and the audience
    • Stavros Koltsios, Research and Development Assistant, CERTH representing D^2EPC
    • Michal Zbigniew Pomianowski, Associate Progessor, AAU representing E-DYCE
    • Jan Verheyen, Senior Researcher, VITO representing ePANACEA
    • Olivier Greslou, Research Strategy Manager, CSTB representing EPC-RECAST
    • Lilia Galai Dol, Project Manager, CSTB representing EUBSuperHub
    • Zsolt Toth, Senior Project Manager, BPIE representing iBRoad2EPC

16:25 Conclusions 

  • Lukas Kranzl, Senior Scientist, TU Wien
  • Peter op 't Veld, Senior Consultant, Huygen

16:30 Networking cocktail

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