EPBD Recast policy recommendations

Monday 19 December 2022

U-CERT project team alongside the other 12 EU funded projects of the Next Gen EPC cluster remains committed to provide support as needed during the EPBD Recast trialogue period (during the course of 2023). The experts of the Next Gen EPC cluster are convinced it's crucial to make salient the impact of certain policy options, thus supporting an evidence-based decision-making process.

Find on the following links the individual policy recommendations stemming from the collaboration activities of the Next Gen ECP cluster just to give a quick flavour of the unconditioned support these EU projects can provide during the trialogue period and even more so during the subsequent transposition and implementation of the EPBD Recast at Member State level:

U-CERT project recommendations

U-CERT project experts' opinion on an EU-wide software kernel

QualDeEPC project recommendations no 1, 3, and 4

E-DYCE project experts' opinion on closing the performance gap

D^2EPC project recommendations

SmartLivingEPC project recommendations

TIMEPAC project to the point suggestions on EPBD articles

X-tendo project recommendations no. 1, 3, 4 and 8

crossCert project experts' opinion on lack of harmonisation

ePANACEA project recommendations

  • Lastly, not directly linked to the Next Gen EPC cluster, but very relevant for the EPBD Recast: In the report "ENER/C1/2018-494 – Renewable Space Heating under the Revised Renewable Energy Directive" several decarbonisation scenarios for the space heating sector have been developed. Strong regulatory instruments, in particular stringent MEPS (minimum energy performance standards) turned out to be a crucial pre-condition to achieve full reliance on renewable energy and thus full decarbonisation by 2050. (see table 28 in the report)

The Next Gen EPC cluster stands committed to mobilise if/as needed its 150 organizations across the EU to back up with evidence the ongoing EPBD Recast trialogue and related decision-making processes.

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