CLIMA 2022 workshop

Monday 25 April 2022

Join us at CLIMA 2022 (Ahoy Rotterdam, Room Rotterdam C) for the U-CERT workshop (no. W2_01) taking place on 25 May, 11h00-12h30 CEST "Digital transformation facilitating building performance convergence and enabling operational rating"


The main scope is to raise awareness/promote, collect feedback and explore use cases on the U-CERT digital tools while also presenting the overall contribution of U-CERT in the evolution process of Building Performance Assessment and Certification at both EU and national level.

The content will be tailored to building professionals illustrating the practical implementation of U-CERT digital tools on the U-CERT case studies and how this creates value to be swiftly captured in day-to-day activities by both designers and installers.

The U-CERT digital tools facilitate the convergence of building performance calculation methodologies leveraging the set of CEN/ISO EPB standards and enable the inclusion, next to asset rating only, of measured building performance and building operational rating (normalized measured building performance) creating complementing/new services that building professionals can swiftly include in their existing offering or expand it.


REHVA Member Associations / Training Providers, Trainers, Building technology manufacturers, Software developers, National Standards Bodies, Designers, Installers, Facility Managers

Expected results

The workshop is meant to facilitate and support the commercial roll-out of the U-CERT digital tools within the REHVA network. In addition to capturing the essence and added value of the U-CERT digital tools and their value proposition for the supply and demand side alike, exchanging and collecting feedback from the audience, the workshop will pave the pathway towards EU-wide and beyond coverage for building performance digital tools based on the set of EPB standards.


5 min

Welcome and introduction

Peter Op 't Veld

Senior Consultant, Huygen / U-CERT project coordinator

10 min

U-CERT facilitates the practical implementation of the set of EPB standards

Dick van Dijk

EPB Expert and Initiator, EPB Center

10 min

U-CERT set of user-centred & effective indicators integrated in dynamic EPCs

Pablo Carnero

Researcher and Project Manager, IVE

10 min

U-CERT digital tools for building performance assessment

Andrei Vladimir Lițiu

Exective Director / Building Performance Adviser, EPB Center / REHVA

10 min

Measured building performance and operational rating in the EPB standards

Laurent Socal

EPB Expert and CEN-CE Master Trainer, EPB Center

10 min

ALDREN (predic)TAIL: holistic IEQ assessment tool

Pawel Wargocki

Associate Professor, DTU

35 min

Open discussion U-CERT digital tools practical use

Facilitated by Andrei Vladimir Lițiu & Peter Op 't Veld

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