D4.1 Detailed common calculation and measurement protocols of U-CERT EPC-s for the cases 3.0 MB

Providing evidence of applicability and usefulness is accomplished by testing and demonstrating the U-CERT approach in the U-CERT case studies accross the U-CERT countries. Thus, the underpinning objective is to test and demonstrate the U-CERT methodology through the practical implementation of the protocol.

The results and analyses of the U-CERT case studies will be used as feedback loop to adjust and fine-tune the methodologies, tools, services and supporting business models. Therefore, the U-CERT case studies act as ‘field labs’ for testing and validating:

  • The use of the U-CERT’s Operational Rating
  • Converged set of national data sheets for EPB standards making the U-CERT's Asset Rating
  • The Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI)
  • The user-friendliness of the EPC’s
  • The possibility to assess the impact of innovative products and technologies
  • Non-technical measures to total performances in holistic EPCs


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